Jump Start UI Overview

Jump Start UI is a development tool that literally jumpstarts your UI desigining process by generating initial display and binding code based on the JavaBean of your choosing. Display code can be generated in a variety of languages, including static or dynamic HTML, or a rich client based on libraries such as SWT or Swing. The initial display code is very basic, and meant to be merely a jumping off point for your development process. It can be easily edited by many open source and commerical tools, such as Visual Editor or WindowBuilder Pro, which can be used to further customize and polish your display to production quality.

Normally your UI development process would consist of writing a lot of display and binding code. But with Jump Start UI, you can bypass these steps because the code is written for you. After selecting the JavaBean you want to design an UI for, open it in Jump Start UI, select the properties you want to represent and the widgets you want to associate with them, hit the Finish button, and Jump Start UI generates basic design and binding code that can be edited by the tool of your choice.

Jump Start UI was built with the express intention of optimizing, not altering, your development process. By generating code with Jump Start UI, you both save time and increase your editing possibilities. Working with Jump Start UI gives you a headstart on your design process.

Supported Formats and Bindings

Rich Client/Desktop


Binding Schemes:


Template Engines: Binding Schemes: If you favorite UI library/languages/binding is not on this list, you can do one of the following:
  • Check roadmap to see if your library/language/binding is planned to be supported in the near future.
  • If you find your library/language/binding on the roadmap, but you believe it's not soon enough, you can find or created the corresponding feature request and indicate so there. Unfortunately SourceForge doesn't support voting on the issue, so the comments will have to do. New features will be added based on their popularity.
  • If library/language/binding is not mentioned in roadmap or in SourceForge, please start the feature request.
  • If you can submit the code for your library/language/binding - even better!

Supported Editors

Jump Start UI's output was tested with Visual Editor, but theoretically any other visual editing tool should work as well.